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Cosplay Guidelines

Rules on costume design, requisites and imitation weapons for Guardian Con 2019.

In order to ensure that all attendees and cosplayers at Guardian Con have a fantastic time filled with wonderful experiences, we would like to equip cosplayers with some specific guidelines on costume design and weapon regulation.

Although these rules might seem more strict than those at other events, we ask for your understanding, as Guardian Con is a St.Jude partnered event with, very often young children, city officials, and other industry professionals in attendance.

Prohibited Items

  • Firearm or Authentic Weapon replicas of any kind (IE Reenactment swords, cap guns, pop guns, authentic historical display weapons)
  • Costumes should generally not be too revealing. (IE Upperbody, genital area and buttocks must be sufficiently covered by clothing)
  • Novelty Sex paraphernalia
  • Soft Air Weapons, Gas Weapons, Stun Weapons
  • Bokken, Functional Crossbows, Unsecured Whips, Pyrotechnics and explosives, Sharp arrows

Permitted Items

  • Fursuits, Morph Suits, as long as they are child friendly and do not depict inappropriate images or fit in such a way as to make the costume inappropriate. (IE False or Implied Nudity, or images depicting bodies not following the rules above)
  • Walking Sticks, Umbrellas, Foam/Plastic/Crafted prop replicas all adequately taken to weapon check and marked appropriately.
  • Contact Lenses of All kinds

Other Information

  • General Rule, keep it modest and child/Charity Friendly
  • No Play fighting permitted anywhere outside of scheduled mainstage programming
  • All visitors carry their props and wear costumes at their own risk and are liable for any and all damages caused
  • Be considerate towards all fellow attendees

We know attendees love to have photos taken and take photos with our cosplayers, please be conscious of public areas, the flow of traffic etc.

We have a zero tolerance for nudity.

No costumes should be smaller than standard swimwear.

Any Costumes over 6’5 Tall or Wider than 6’ Must have spotter accompany you at all times.

All Weapon carrying attendees will submit their weapons to a weapons check to be validated prior to entering the security process for the event.